Raysync 100-day Program for $0

Apply now and you'll get the free trial of Raysync Pro with 1000Mbps bandwidth and abundant transfer volume.

1000Mbps Bandwidth

1000Mbps Bandwidth

Transfer at Lightning Speed

Transfer at Lightning Speed

File Transfer Speed Increased by 100 Times

File Transfer Speed Increased by 100 Times

Free Trial

About Program:

Raysync is an enterprise-level large files transfer tool, which supports 10 Gigabit bandwidth and provides ultra-high-speed data transfer engine and transfer management services for enterprise users. Raysync Pro 100-day program for $0 is aimed to help enterprises have a deeper understanding of file transfer software, and drive high-speed data flow to create value for enterprises.

Program Details:

Product: Raysync Pro

Target: Enterprise users

Date: 10th September – 31st October

Free Trial: Accounting from the date you get the License (3TB transfer volume for 100-day, and 4TB for 150-day)

Special Bonus: You will enjoy 20% off for Raysync Pro during the period of the 100-day free trial. After the end of the free trial, you still have a chance to enjoy the 10% discount within one month.

Technical Support:

Email: support@raysync.io

Skype: support@raysync.io

Installation and Deployment Guide

Raysync Pro

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  • Compared with FTP, the transfer rate is increased by 100X, and the bandwidth utilization rate is over 96%.
  • Intelligently optimize the network bandwidth, effectively reduce network latency, packet loss rate and time consumption.
  • Multi-dimensional transfer modes, which meet the high-speed transfer of TB-level large files and massive small files.
  • Security

  • Adopt the bank standard AES 256 encryption technology, it’s never been so securer to transfer the files.
  • Built-in CVE vulnerability scanning and multiple defense walls can effectively resist external attacks.
  • Set access rights and OS rights to achieve strict access control.
  • Stability

  • The advanced technologies like breakpoint resume, automatic retransmission, and multiple-file verification are adopted to ensure stable transfer.
  • Support multithreading, no geographical and environmental restrictions, and ensure stable and reliable transfer efficiency in the ultra-remote and weak network environment.