Raysync High-speed File Transfer Solutions

High-Speed File Transfer Solution

Raysync's high-speed file transfer solution built for high-speed files exchange, sync, and data backup, 100X faster than FTP with minimal packet loss.

Why Choose Raysync

Raysync’s solutions are essential wherever there is a critical need to transfer large file sets with speed, security, and reliability.

Fast File Transfer

Fast File Transfer

Fully utilizes the network capacity, transfers 100 times faster than FTP and HTTP.

Advanced Accelerated Engine

Advanced Accelerated Engine

Proprietary UDP accelerated file transfer technology, ensures delivery of files of any size or format.

Multi-destination File Transfer

Multi-destination File Transfer

Send and receive files between point to point or multiple destinations safely and easily.

The Raysync Solutions

Raysync provides easy-to-use file transfer systems, including large file transfer, SDK application integration, Proxy acceleration, FTP acceleration, RaySSH acceleration, and cloud storage service.

Raysync Large File Transfer

  • Bank-standard 256 AES encryption to ensure file transfer security.
  • Track file transfer, monitor transferring progress, and time remaining.
  • Guaranteed delivery with advanced mechanisms like checkpoint resume.

SDK Application Integration

  • Supports SDK seamless integration with major application systems.
  • File transfer via the three-party cloud platform.
  • Easy to use by other developers.

Raysync Cloud

  • Advanced file sharing and team collaboration.
  • Flexible storage allows you access files from anywhere.
  • Keep your files confidential with the highest level of encryption.

Proxy Acceleration

  • Optimize the real-time transfer experience.
  • Seamless integration with mainstream software.
  • Accelerated file transfer for existing enterprise systems.

FTP Acceleration

  • Accelerated file transfer processes with automation.
  • User-friendly interface allows you to easily send and update.
  • Transfers files at a high-speed on the base of the existing structure.

RaySSH Acceleration

  • The perfect file transfer alternative to OpenSSH.
  • Available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and most Unix platforms.


Raysync provides independent, controllable, and secure file transfer solutions, helps to accelerate large file transfer, and improve work efficiency.

Application scenarios Industrial solutions
File collaborationFile distributionFile migrationFile synchronizationOversized file transmissionMass file transmissionTransnational file

File collaboration solution

Raysync file transfer system supports file transfer interactions among departments and teams. Files can be shared and distributed quickly, and remote file collaboration is supported as well.

  1. A lightweight web interface
  2. Quick access and share files
  3. Transfer large files at maximum speed
  4. Full file encryption protection

Our Customers

Raysync is dedicated to creating automatic file transfer software that helps organizations improve their business’s productivity.

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