Raysync Large File Transfer

Raysync Large File Transfer

Raysync Large File transfer is a software-based file transfer solution for accelerating transfer process and improving the work efficiency of enterprises.


Key Features


    Automatically utilize and optimize the network bandwidth, transfer large files, and the vast numbers of small files over long distances at the maximum speed while ensuring timely delivery.
massive small filesSending HostGB/TB large filesMultiple-formatfilesSending FilesRaysync Transfer EngineCompressionDecompressionReceiving HostReceiving Files

Bank-standard Encryption

    Bank-standard AES-256 encryption and SSL encryption technology for secure files transfer.
Sending HostReceiving HostRaysync Transfer EngineAES-256 EncryptionProtectionSSL encryptedtransferCVE vuln erability risklibrary scanningSSL encryptedtransfer

Stability and Reliability

    Adopt checkpoint resume, error re-transfer, intelligent synchronization, and other mechanisms to ensure the reliability and stability of file transfer.
Sending HostCheckpoint ResendRetransmissionReceiving HostSend RequestSending FliesFile AFile BFile AFile B is missingResend FilesFile ASend completedSending FilesError overResendFile BFile AFile BReceving FilesNetwork Error

Multimode Transfer

    Support point-to-point, multi-point mutual transmission, one-to-many file distribution and other modes.
Point to Point transferPoint to multipoint multipoint transmissionData SynchronizationCloud Synchronization/migrationLocal Synchronization/migration

Managed File Transfer

    By adopting file access fine-grained rights and right sharing, files transfer, and storage of files can be effectively managed to ensure the security of sensitive information.
AdminTransfer LogEnd users, UsersGroups ManagementNetwork,TransferSystem ManagementAccess ManagementData StorageManagement

Easy to Integrate

    Support the mainstream operating systems and cloud platform operating systems, such as Unix, Linux, Windows, and Google Cloud, AWS S3, Azure, etc.
Supporting UnixLinuxWindows,and other commonly Server OS.Providing SDK integration for thecompany existing system.SDK integrationUNIXLinuxWindows Server

System Architecture

Raysync Transfer EngineTransmissionManagement SystemMain ServerData ServerRaysync Transfer EngineLarge files/confidential filesAES256 EncryptionProtectionWEB APIEvent ManagementData VerificationLocal SynchronizationbcakupData BackupRaysync Large File Transfer SystemHead OfficeCloudSynchronizationbcakupAli OSSBaidu OSSHuawei OSSAWS S3Kingsoft CloudTencent OSSGoogle GCEAzure BlobOracleOversea Branch OfficeCloudSending/RecevingSending/RecevingWeb BrowserFile ServerSeamlessly integrated withexisting application systemsSending/Receiving files fast and securely via InternetBranch OfficeEasy to useWeb BrowserWeb Browser interfaceCommand LineSSHEnd UserWeb BrowserEfficientSimpleSafety

Successful Cases

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A File Transfer System Designed for Huawei

Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and has many branches around the world. Transnational file exchange is very common in Huawei's daily work. Chinasoft International Ltd., which is the partner of Huawei in Shenzhen, needs to download the video from the Huawei’s German storage center, then process and transfer the finished video to the German video product storage center. The problems such as low bandwidth utilization and file security threats are hard to guarantee during the process of transfer.

The large file transfer solution provided by Raysync has helped Huawei's Linux host in Germany to configure a Raysync server, and the windows host of Chinasoft in Shenzhen to configure a Raysync web-end file transfer system. After transcoding the video downloaded by Shenzhen Chinasoft from another location in Germany, it was transferred to Germany via Raysync. In the process, Huawei was helped to improve the bandwidth efficiency and work efficiency to the maximum extent, and the transfer speed of the project was increased by dozens of times.


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End User Manual

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Server Deployment Manual

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