Raysync Large File Transfer

Raysync Large File Transfer

Raysync large file transfer is a high-speed large file transfer software, it transfers large files at maximum speed with minimal packet loss. Based on the advanced technology such as breakpoint resume, point to point transfer and automatic retransmission. Raysync allows you to significantly reduce file transfer time and ensures the secure and reliable delivery.

Main Functions

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Files Sharing, Receiving and Sending

Download sharing and upload inviting are available to both groups and individuals. One may share large files with others via sending links.

Account Authority Management

The administrator can create multiple sub-accounts and set file or folder operation permission for them. The operation permission could be subdivided to the single file so that to achieve flexible permission management and precise enterprise management.

Group Space Shared by Team

A department, a team, or a project can set up several shared group spaces. Each space has independent access control and non-interfering business operation. Private space and group space are separated scientifically.

Automatic File Synchronization

Automatic file synchronization saves labor costs. Local files and server-side files are always kept consistent. It’s time to say goodbye to manual copying and improve work efficiency.

Holistic Security Monitoring Management

Data transmission is monitored in real-time, and all transferred data is noted in the log. The core business data of the enterprise will be visible, controllable, and traceable.

Flexible Switching of Storage Modes

Local storage and the third-party cloud platform storage can be switched flexibly. Therefore, it meets the needs of the unified management of multiple data forks.

Customizable Settings

Supports product functions, logo, background, and corporate image customization.

Multi-platform Supported

Supports mainstream host systems, browsers, and multi-platform clients.

Product Features

High-performance Transmission

Based on the UDP transmission performance, it tackles the defects of traditional FTP and HTTP transmission, increases the transmission rate by 100 times and improves the bandwidth utilization rate to more than 96%. The multi-dimensional transmission meets the needs of fast transmission of terabyte files and mass small files.

E-bank-grade Security Guarantee

Based on SSL encrypted transmission protocol, the product sets multiple defense walls through the world's top financial-grade AES-256 encryption technology and the built-in CVE vulnerability scanner to resist external attacks effectively, protect the privacy of the transmission process and the integrity and security of file data transmission.

Enterprise-level Stability and Reliability

The whole process adopts breakpoint resume, automatic retransmission mechanism and built-in multiple file verification mechanism to ensure the integrity and accuracy of transmission, and to ensure stable and reliable transmission efficiency in ultra-remote and weak network environments.

Holistic Central Control

It supports centralized management platform control, realizes refined management via live monitoring and log recording, supports enterprises to control bandwidth for multi-user, set transmission policies and speed. By all these means, the core business data of enterprise could be visible, controllable and traceable.

Good Adaptability and Compatibility

It supports mainstream servers, desktop operating systems and various storage facilities. It is compatible with frequently-used browsers. It also supports private deployment and cloud service model. The system has both Chinese and English interfaces for the convenience of multinational users.

Quick Deployment & Technical Support

It only takes 3 quick steps to complete the installation, which reduces the cost of enterprise system construction. It has simple and user-friendly interface with multiple functions. File data could be accessed and managed anytime, anywhere.

Architecture Deployment

Standalone DeploymentMulti-machine Deployment

Server-side Application Platform

Raysync accelerated file transmission system combines B / S and C / S models, supporting standalone deployment and load-balanced multi-machine deployment. At the same time, it supports built-in users and AD domain users in the system.

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Successful Cases

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A File Transfer System Designed for Huawei

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China and with branches around the world, Huawei is very often to exchange documents between home and abroad. Huawei’s partner in Shenzhen, Chinasoft International used to first download the video from the Huawei’s German video source storage center, then process the video via transcode editing, and then transfer the processed video to the German video product storage center. During the whole process, there were problems such as instability of transnational data transmission, low utilization rate of transmission bandwidth and low guarantee of data transmission security.

Shenzhen Yunyu Technology Company Limited provided big data transmission service to Huawei. Firstly, Huawei's Linux host in Germany was equipped with a Raysync server, then the Windows host of Chinasoft International in Shenzhen was equipped with a Raysync web terminal. Then Chinasoft International downloaded a video from another node in Germany and transcoded it. Finally, the transcoded video was transmitted to Germany via Raysync. Through the process, Raysync helped Huawei to maximize efficiency of bandwidth and at work, increasing transmission speed by dozens of times.


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