Raysync FTP acceleration

Raysync FTP acceleration

Raysync FTP acceleration product is a software that can directly connect to the existing FTP server system. After using Raysync FTP acceleration, the FTP transmission speed can be increased by 10 to 100 times.

User Requirement

The local servers of enterprises have deployed FTP, which supports FTP user authorization, file permission control, AD domain and other functions. Given the changing business models, these enterprises have a higher and urgent requirement on transmission speed with an aim to improve work efficiency among different departments. Therefore, the enterprises hope to accelerate transmission speed of the existing FTP server without server reconstruction or adding new servers.

Raysync FTP acceleration is a FTP acceleration software customized for enterprise users. It is able to highly integrate with the existing server architecture to achieve high-speed file transfer.

Product Features

Easy to use

Client terminal: easy to operate. Given Raysync FTP acceleration client has the same operation as of "ordinary FTP client", the users can use it without further learning. Server side: Users do not need to change information including the existing FTP server, user account, authorization, file configuration, etc.

High-speed transmission

Raysync FTP acceleration products accelerate the existing FTP server system via improving transmission speed by 10 to 100 times.

High performance of Raysync

Raysync Proxy is developed based on the event-driven / asynchronous network processing model. A single thread of Raysync Proxy can support thousands of concurrent TCP connections on a common desktop CPU, which supports up to 1Gbps file throughput maximumly.

Intelligent compression

Raysync transmission protocol has a built-in function of intelligent compression. When transmitting files, it provides intelligent file compression services such as text and program file to save bandwidth for users.

Load balancing

Raysync acceleration service can cooperate with popular load balancers such as LVS and F5 to complete load balancing deployment. Through horizontal expansion deployment, the overall processing performance of the system can be improved to make the acceleration more secure and reliable.

Architecture Deployment


Successful Cases

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Oppo uses Raysync FTP acceleration software for global file transmission

OPPO is a technology company focusing on smart terminal products, software and Internet services. Along with the continuous expansion of global business, OPPO urgently needs to solve the problem of transnational file transmission under the WAN. Its core requirement is to have a direct integration of its existing system architecture through SDK to form a company-level platform service.

Raysync.io provided OPPO with a network acceleration solution that enables OPPO’s global branches to visit the headquarters’ application system. The construction is divided into two parts: headquarters acceleration service, and branch offices acceleration clients. Through integrated deployment, the big file transmission speed of FTP/Web applications can be increased by 100 times and the maximum speed of a single connection can reach 1Gbps. Depended on the multi-channel design of Raysync transmission protocol, the transmission delay caused by the TCP three-way handshake will be eliminated and the real-time performance can be increased by 100%.


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