Data migration

Data migration

Raysync efficiently migrates massive data to local data centers, remote data centers and three-party cloud storage platforms, and supports exclusive high-speed data migration of third-party public and private cloud platforms.

Challenges in Data Migration

In recent years, driven by big data and artificial intelligence, the application of cloud computing has been increasingly popular. More and more enterprises have realized the necessity to use cloud computing to innovate business models. The cloud market expands rapidly. In 2018, more enterprises will migrate workloads to the cloud, which presents greater opportunities and challenges to data and system migration. An increasing number of enterprises will find it natural to use cloud service. The hybrid cloud will become the most common infrastructure in enterprises. Based on the hybrid cloud management, the two-way efficient data transmission between the data center and the cloud becomes a completely new challenge. Usually, enterprises need to physically move a huge amount of data through the network within a required time range. At present, most of enterprises adopt a traditional method for migration, which faces the following two problems:

1) Traditional transmission software has disadvantages of low performance, lack of security, network latency and packet loss, which may easily cause data loss.

2) It is time-consuming to transfer disk storage by express delivery with potential risk of disk loss or theft.


Yunyu Technology owns patented high-speed transmission technology, which enables enterprise users to safely and reliably migrate large amounts of data at a high speed by their existing networks.

Support Multiple Migration Scenarios

Raysync supports fast data migration from local data centers to third-party cloud platforms and vice versa, and from local data centers to enterprises’ remote data centers.

Efficient Data Migration

When transferring large files and data through the IP network between the local IP and the cloud data center, Raysync can make full use of bandwidth to have high-speed transmission and reduce time for migration.

Reduce Data Migration Cost

Raysync helps enterprises to reduce the cost of labor and time consumed by data asset distribution, integration and precipitation.

Encrypted Data Transmission

Data transmission cipher is encrypted by strong and random encryption algorithm based on AES-256+. The built-in comprehensive CVE vulnerability scanner ensures the integrity of every piece of data.


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Application Scenario

Data Migration from Local Center to Remote Center

Data Migration from Local Center to The Third-party Cloud

Data Migration from Local Center to Overseas Center

Data Migration from The Third-party Cloud to Local Center

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