1.Will the Raysync data be cached on the server? No, our Raysync speed is a point-to-point transmission software. The data transmitted is directly transmitted from point A to point B without a relay server

2.Does Raysync support disconnection reconnection and breakpoint resumption, and how long is the disconnection reconnection time? Raysync supports reconnection and resumption of broken points. The reconnection time is 60S.

3.The web site cannot connect to Raysync, the prompt is not activated? 1. Check if Raysync has been started and whether the icon in the lower right corner has appeared. The user registry may be protected and cannot be written, resulting in failure to start from the webpage. At this time, you need to run Raysync manually. 2. Right-click the Raysync icon and select Error Detection to see if the local domain name resolution, system time, system proxy, and certificate are all "normal".

4.The webpage prompts that the server connection timed out, the server connection failed, and the client login timed out? 1. Right-click the Raysync icon and select Error Detection to see if the "Server Domain Name" and "Server Address" are correct addresses. Check whether the addresses resolved by ping from the cmd command line are connected. 2. The webpage can be displayed normally but the server connection timed out. Try right-clicking to modify the UDP packet size in the Raysync setting and modify it to a smaller value.

5.Slow upload and download speeds? 1. Enter the background of the corresponding server to check whether the license is activated 2. Test the external network bandwidth 3. Check whether the IP address is telecommunications 4. Check the server bandwidth pressure 5. Check whether the files being read and written by other users on the server are slow to respond storage

6.Select the network path for the download path. The downloaded file cannot be found under the path? Map the path to a network disk, delete the old task, and download and select the save path to the network disk

7.The download file keeps showing "Reading file"? 1. Check if there are many files in the user directory. 2. Enter the server directory and execute ls to respond quickly. 3. Right-click to set the Raysync timeout time to 60s or longer. Delete the old task and download again