Linux server deployment manual

The RaySync windows server supports the deployment of windows server 2008/ windows server 2012/ windows server 2016/windows 7 / windows 8/windows 10 platforms.

1. Get installation zip file

Visit and download the latest free or SMB zip file. If you purchased enterprise version, please contact the salesman.

2. Unzip and start running

tar –zxvf RaySync- cd RaySync ./install ./start

3. Open port

If you deploy the server in the NAT gateway and there is only intranet IP, you need to open the following ports on the router NAT: Raysync firewall ports

4. Login admin console

Web address: Server IP:9090/admin (example: Admin account: admin Admin password: please check file ‘AdminInitPwd’(Automatically generated after starting the service in step 2) Raysync admin login

5. Server Activation

Enter your License to active. If your network cannot access the external network, please refer to "Linux Offline Activation Authorization". Raysync server activation Raysync License

6. Add User

Raysync add users

7. User login

Web address: Server IP:8090 (example: Enter account and password, Follow the tip on the webpage to download the Raysync client, install and start to transfer.