Solutions for Gene Industry

Solutions for Gene Industry

Thanks to the rapid development of gene researches, we are brought into a new era where life code is interpreted, origin of disease is learned, and health is redefined. In genetic engineering, researches on sequencing and genetic sample contain mass data which requires effective storage, high-speed transmission and analysis.

Industrial Pain-points

Slow Exchange of Research Data

Worldwide, research institutes are dispersedly distributed. Together with these, the capacity of research data to be transmitted is considerably large, frequently hundreds of GB and even more. For all these reasons, data exchange is made slow.

Slow Speed of Uploading Life Data to Cloud

With the rising of cloud computing, life science has been ushered into a more efficient and more advanced era. Now, it has become the focus of attention for research institutes to improve the speed of uploading mass research data to the cloud.

Upload and Download Data Within Gene Forum

A huge number of users and an extensive dispersion of mass data result in a poor timeliness in the transfer and interaction of research findings.

A Lack of Visualization of Research Data

Details for visualized transmission are absent in many links, such as the transfer of mass research data, interaction of information about research institute and research project.


By installing Raysync transmission server at the cloud data center, research institutes can exchange data with the cloud data center at a high speed in their distribution points through the browser or the Raysync genetic research system which is connected to the cloud database.

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High-speed Transmission

Raysync acceleration patent protocol and compressed transmission ensure a high efficiency in data exchange.

Guarantee of Stability

Combining integrity checking technology and self-checking retransmission technology, research data can be reliably transferred to the designated points.

Permission Management

Thanks to the functions, such as intelligent supervision, permission management, speed control and so on, the process of research data transfer can be visualized.

High Security and Secrecy

AES-256 encryption technology and channel encryption technology help to protect the security of data assets.

Cloud Deployment

Raysync has customized mirror images for many mainstream platforms. Only at one click, it can be installed for users to enjoy the high-speed transmission technology.

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