How to Use the Raysync File Sync Function?

The file synchronization function is available only when the admin has enabled the synchronize directory option in the user setting interface.

  1. Click the "Create Sync Folder Task" button at the top.


  1. Pop up the new sync directory setting box.


  1. Fill in the sync task name, such as "test".


  1. Click the "Preview" button of the source path.


  1. Select the folder you want to upload to sync.

  2. Click the "Preview" button of the target path.


  1. Select the Raysync server directory you want to sync to, and click "Save" to save the settings (The default is the server home directory).

  2. Select the launch time of the sync task, there are two settings to choose from.


A. Select to run the sync task every X seconds.


Enter the interval time in the input box, and select the time unit in the drop-down box. If 60 seconds is set, the synchronization task will start the synchronization task every 60 seconds.

B. Select to run the sync task in XX points XX minutes every day.


Time can be entered in the input box, for example, 18:22 every day, and the synchronization task will start synchronization at 18:22 every day.

  1. When the target file already exists and content is inconsistent with the source file, you have two update ways: 1) Overwrite target file 2) Append to the target file.

  2. Click to "Save" to save all the settings.

*You could check the process of the sync task in "Transfer List""Sync Task".


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